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One thing I can tell you is that, though people may differ in their cultural customs, underneath, the concerns are very much the same, world over. People are concerned about their families, their financial security, their health, their work, finding love and expanding their relationship with God.



You can now receive the most unique, up-to-date, astrological reading from having any one of these personal charts created for you. Each chart comes with a report that is easy to understand and gives amazing guidance that is exclusively for you, according to your exact moment of birth! Please take a moment to learn more about each chart available. They include:

Birth Chart Transit chart
Compatibility Chart Solar Return

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Birth Chart:
The most complete, personal astrological report on the market today, in an easy-to-read form, which doesn't overwhelm you with astrological terms. A real must for understanding who you are and why you are here.

Birth Chart: $29.95

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Transit Chart:
A three-month forecast, which pinpoints the effects of the daily movement of the planets upon your birth chart. A good tool for spotting trends and patterns in your life. This daily forecast is created just for you.

3 Month Transit Chart: $19.95

1 Year Transit Chart: $75.00

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Compatibility Chart:
This report covers the dynamics of relationships between two individuals. It discusses each ones approach to relationships in general and also covers the strengths and weaknesses of how the two interact.

Compatibility Chart: $39.95

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Solar Return:
Every year the sun returns to the exact spot it occupied at the moment of your birth. It occurs either on your birthday, or the day before or the day after. This is a sacred moment, which carries the seed energy for the coming year. This report will tell you the strengths and challenges of the entire coming year in an in-depth report, which reads like a letter from a friend.

Solar Return: $39.95

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