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Mary Pompeo, D.D., M.A., is not only a nationally-recognized teacher of Spiritual Laws and Psychic Unfolding, but is also greatly admired as a wise friend and counselor to many. She offers a wonderful sense of strength, inspiration, and encouragement to all who are interested in spiraling toward change and increasing their own relationship with spirit. Her nurturing approach, delightful sense of humor and imaginative teaching techniques have made her a beloved and respected teacher and valued demonstrator of the Gifts of Spirit for over 40 years.


She discovered her psychic abilities as a young child at the age of five. Her interest in astrology as a teenager developed into a life long passion for the subject that has resulted in innumerable astrology readings, as well as astrology classes that teach others to understand their own personal relationship to the universe. During the exhilarating and uplifting peace movement of the 60s, Mary received her formal metaphysical training at Morris Pratt Institute in Lily Dale, New York. In addition to gaining knowledge at the largest center for the study of Spiritualism and Metaphysics in the United States, she also spent time studying in India as part of an ashram. Her studies and experience have stretched throughout the world, including time with some of the top psychics in England and serving many spiritualist churches throughout the US and Canada, where she taught methods of developing and expanding psychic abilities.


Mary became the youngest registered medium in the U.S. in 1972, carving out the path for her life's work. Her experiences expanded throughout that year, as she realized her ability to full-trance channel. Throughout the 70s she continued on this path, briefly working with local police in the early 80s, organizing and conducting seminars and honing her trance-channeling gifts. In the late 1980s Mary served as the Assistant Director of The Center of Light, in Lake Worth, FL. And in 1989, her last year at The Center of Light, Mary began channeling Omnia, a delightful Light-being from the Pleiades star-system. Shortly thereafter, she founded The Sanctuary, A Place for Healing, in West Palm Beach, FL and expanded her reach to the online community. As director for The Sanctuary, she devoted much of her time to personal counseling, channeling Omnia and teaching classes on a myriad of spiritual topics.

As the Millennium unfolds, Mary is further developing her work as an affectionate spiritual coach. She spends much of her time traveling to various spiritual centers, offering diverse workshops and readings, while delighting in the intimacy of giving personal, loving email readings. She is also currently working on a new book, her second, helping to demystify the psychic world for those who are just becoming exposed to these new ways of living. Her work is deepening, connecting her with souls who are serious about their evolvement, as she helps them see the challenges of life through spiritual means and coordinate it with their astrological cycles.

Her formal training, combined with over 40 years of experience and compassion that can only be gained through existing in the School of Life, provides her with extensive knowledge and awareness when approaching matters of the spirit. She is dedicated to continuing upon this path, wherever it takes her.

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