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The Freedom of the Dark Moon

October 1, 2016


Greetings Fellow Travellers,


Today I bring good news about tonight's events. I know it’s been a long time since we heard that from the Universe, but here we are and tonight and the next two days are the optimum time to set your intention. Then watch for miracles during the following days until the next new moon.


First of all let’s review the implications of our present circumstance. As you are aware, we all have a masculine side and a feminine side, no matter what our gender of choice in this life is. So when I speak of the Divine Feminine, I’m not just speaking of the women in our group. You males have a Divine Feminine too. It’s your nurturing side, your intuitive side and what contributes greatly to your ability to express compassion.


Now, the legend goes like this. In the beginning God created Adam and then an equally powerful being whom he called Lilith. Lilith was destined to be at Adam’s side while being his equal feminine counterpart, his companion and his friend. But, unfortunately, this didn’t work out as planned.


Lilith refused to be Adam’s subservient partner, whose purpose was stated as being that of nurturing Adam while also pleasing him sexually. I’m sure she might have done those things if it had been her idea born of her own free will, but she didn’t like to be ordered by Adam to submit. So, she took herself off to another part of Paradise and there she waited patiently for Adam to see reason.


Adam, however, told God that he was lonely and so God gave him another female who was called Eve. Adam must have made a list because Eve fulfilled everything on it. She embodied the Divine Feminine without any will of her own. She was a kind of Stepford wife, which is what Adam had ordered.


Lilith felt great compassion for her sister and so she turned herself into a snake in order to talk some sense into her. The rest of the story you know. They were all thrown out of Paradise. Lilith’s consolation was that every month which has two New Moons in it, she may come forth and give great energetic assistance to those who have had their Divine Feminine blocked by the energy of others.


So if there is any place in your life where you have been blocking your power, your emotions, your intuition, or perhaps all three, these next three nights are the perfect time to let those blocks be carried away by the energy of the Black Moon.


It’s called ‘Black’ because it is subtle and mysterious and it takes only the willingness on our part to let it go, to make the call.







I am sending love to the part of femininity that is strong and wise and protective

Help me to embrace those parts of me that need to grow stronger

Release for eternity all thoughts and feelings of inferiority

My feelings matter, my intuition accurate and the Light will lead the way to my future

Thank you for your help. I know that you can consume forever those self doubts which hold me back from my greatest happiness

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Bless you, Bless you, Bless you

I love you, I love you, I love you


The energy of Lilith will bless you within the next month. Based on your solar equal house chart these are the areas


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