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April 8, 2018

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Don't ever Underestimate the 'Power of You'

October 23, 2017



Dear Fellow Travelers,

I’m aware that many of you felt disappointed in 2012, when you believed that nothing happened. However, that was the opening of the Great Portal of Change for our world and the momentum has been building ever since. I know that you may have expected to wake up to peace the next morning, but whenever great change comes, there needs to be a period where the old is gradually swept aside as the new is born.

It’s easy to look at the chaos in the world and think “What’s happening?” The energy of chaos is putting up a good fight, not only in our country but in our world. In this respect, it’s understandable to experience feelings of powerlessness when faced with forces that are fighting to maintain their position of long-held superiority. And, especially when we do so at the cost of feeding our own silent fears.

The reality is that each of you is more powerful than you can at present imagine. So I am here to help you remember. This is part of the change. It’s time for you to wake up and stand confidently in your power, while using it wisely. In this respect, it’s important to also remember that when you band together in groups for a common good, you square the energy; where four of you have the power of sixteen. This will help to speed up the changes that you want to see.

Never underestimate what you are capable of whenever you set your intentions in alignment with Love. You are created of the same energy as that of the Creator. Our whole world is too. But you are also capable of thinking and acting consciously where you are here to bring in the Light.

Some of you are like the town criers. You are alert to the troubled areas. This is an important role. It helps those around you to know where to direct their energy. The challenge is to see the darkness, but not give it any of your energy and to help others guard against it. However, I appreciate that it’s not easy to fight those issues that need to be fought, such as poverty and bigotry, without judging; and sometimes hating those who are seemingly standing in their ignorance or greed.

When I was raising my children, I used to tell them that I did not like certain behavior, but it didn’t mean that I did not love them. I just wanted the bad behavior to stop. Some of our world leaders are acting just like little children; or worse. It almost seems like they keep doing more and more outrageous things, so that we will get as angry as they are. When you catch yourself reacting in this way, make a conscious effort to stay centered.

Remember who you are and take charge of your emotional energy and where you direct it. Focus on their behavior while seeing it for what it is and visualize the change that you feel needs to happen. For example, Waging war for greed has got to stop. See this happening, rather than wasting your power on ranting at the perpetrators. This is not helpful and only slows down the process of change that you want to see.

I cannot tell you often enough how powerful you are. Your words, your thoughts and your feelings create. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. It is cosmic law, very much like the law of gravity. You may be the most kind-hearted person in your world, but if you choose to fill your emotions with fear and anger, then you are helping to create and perpetuate the chaos that upsets you. So don’t do it!

Think of your forehead holding a giant beam of Light. Whatever you give excessive attention to, then this is what you will create. Be vigilant about what you are creating while always choosing to align yourself with the energy of Love; and be patient!

Change doesn’t happen overnight. We have been warlike for much of our history, going back to times BC. So, it’s like a giant ship at sea. It has to be turned slowly after going in a straight line for so long. This is what’s happening now, and you can feel it if you try. When I see all of the amazing children being born into our world right now, I know for sure that change is already happening. Be a part of bringing about this change for your children and your grandchildren.

Expand your Love, Expand your Light. You are so much more capable and powerful than you know. Help to turn the ship of life in a new direction. We are all on board and so every little helps. Be the change that you want to see. I am here to keep reminding you of this at every opportunity, and I am more than happy to do so. 

I prayed a long time before writing this blog. It was my intention to tell you about my new book. But, as often happens, Spirit had another message in mind.

So, please, let me share my utter happiness with you. My book is out. I am so excited, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. It took me three years to write and it has undergone a lot of fine tuning. I hope you will find it helpful on your journey. I wrote it from my heart to your heart. 
As I read the back cover, I realize that this blog is right on point. So I want to share what I have written about the book:

‘I can confidently tell you that you are stronger, more resourceful and much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. There is a light within you which burns brightly, even though you have done such a great job of hiding it so well. You just need someone to help you find it, so that you can reconnect with the Universal Force; which constantly seeks to guide you back onto the path of enduring happiness and inner peace.

Prayer is a wonderful way to achieve this, and so, along with my advice, I have chosen to share with you my own special way of reaching out to a higher power. One that will strive to lift your spirits if only you have the will to manifest this. My aim, if you allow me to, is to show you how to regain control of your life and to fix the seemingly unfixable. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you but just set your mind to it. Find that Force. Be that Light. Use this book to rise above your challenges, dramas and your apparent limitations. Be happy and feel loved. You absolutely do deserve it. The Divine Creative Force wants nothing else other than for you, as its precious creation, to be this way.’

My book, ‘Find the Force Be the Light’ has now been published in both hardback and eBook format. The hardback and Kindle are available from Amazon, where eReader versions are on sale at the Kobo and Barnes & Noble web sites. If you would like an autographed copy of the hardback then please email me with your details, or simply Paypal $25 for the book plus shipping. Your support is much appreciated.

If you feel that you could use some help in dealing with any kind of issues that may be coming up for you then please get in touch. If I can help you on your spiritual journey in any way, I am available to you in phone consults 30 or 60 min on 828-252-7573. Or if you prefer you can contact me by email at

If you would just like to comment on this blog then is the best way.

With much love and light as always


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