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Endings and Beginnings - The New Year Ahead

December 31, 2017



Another year has come to an end, and as with all endings, so comes a new beginning. This is the time of year for re-evaluating what we want in our lives, letting go of the old and setting our intentions for the new energy which we want to come into our lives.


For many of us, this has been a difficult year. Some of you may be feeling the heavy energy of a chaotic world. Remember to keep in mind that even the seeming chaos is in divine order and serves a purpose. Sometimes things need to fall apart before they can be rebuilt into something better.

Every struggle is just another lesson, and may in fact have been created by our higher selves as an opportunity for our souls to grow. Of course, when we are in the middle of those lessons, we may just want to tell the universe to give us a break and let us breathe. If you are feeling this kind of pressure, that is probably exactly what you need.


Take the time out of your day to sit in the silence, to breathe and reconnect with that inner self that knows just what you need. It is important to take care of ourselves in the midst of trying to care for everyone else. Even just a few minutes of quiet meditation can help us to re-balance ourselves and give us the strength to meet our challenges with a peaceful mind and a loving heart instead of being weighed down by fear and stress. This is essential in lifting the vibration of the planet which, as spiritual warriors, is part of what we have come here to do.


The year 2018 is a number 11 year in numerology. This is a master number and is a powerful time for manifesting great change and growth. It also deals with the number 2 (as 1+1=2) which is representative of relationships and partnerships of all kinds. You might see opportunities for growth in this area on a grand scale, people coming together and working to create something positive and meaningful.

To find out what kind of energy 2018 will bring to you, you will need to calculate your personal year. You can do this by adding the year to your birth month and day. (example: for an August 24th birthday, you would add the numbers 8 + 2+4 + 2+0+1+8 = 25 = 2+5 = 7, giving you a 7 Personal Year.)


If you are interested in what these numbers will mean for you in your personal life, here is a quick overview :




Personal Year 1 : This is a year of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a great time to start something new and explore your individuality. Take advantage of this energy to make the changes in your life that you have been contemplating. Last year was a time of endings and letting things go. Now the way is clear for you to forge ahead into new horizons. Be confident, take charge, and get out in the world. This is a time of independence and fresh energy. You may find it difficult to compromise this year. Try new things, make new goals, and explore your interests. This year is all about you.


Personal Year 2 : This is a year for slowing down and reassessing. After all of last year’s impulsive energy, it’s time to re-evaluate and decide what changes you want to integrate into your life. Things may seem to be moving slowly for you, but try not to get frustrated. Patience is key. There is progress behind the seeming standstill. It is a time for slow growth. It is not the time for pushing forward to get your own way. You will accomplish much more with cooperation and tact. Work on balancing your life and your relationships. Cultivate your friendships. Be helpful, but try not to become a martyr to others. Maintain balance while you plan. This year could bring the possibility of a new partnership, or the deepening of an existing relationship. 


Personal Year 3 : This could be a very creative year if you take advantage of the energy coming into your life now. It’s a good time to shake things up and get out of a rut. It’s time to lighten up and have some fun. Travel, go to plays, socialize, entertain. Try a new look, get inspired. If you’ve been itching to pick up a paintbrush, now is the time to do it. This year favors all kinds of creative endeavors. You may feel that you don’t get much done this year, but you may not really care. This is a year for optimism. Take up a new hobby. Draw, paint, play music, write stories. Give yourself time to daydream. Try not to make any important decisions at this time unless you are very sure. Be flexible and be careful of gossip. This is a year for exploring your creativity, so take advantage of this creative time as next year will be time to bring all those dreams into reality.


Personal Year 4 : This is a year of hard work and planning. You may have felt that you lacked direction for much of last year, but now is the time to settle in and get organized. It’s a great time for taking care of projects you’ve been putting off and building for the future. Buy a house, start a savings account, go to school. Don’t worry if you are feeling more serious-minded this year. It is just another step in your development and things will lighten up next year. Now is the time to build a foundation, make plans and work towards them. Keep your promises and stick to a budget. Take care of your health and think things through. This year may feel like a struggle and bring a lot of challenges, but if you take responsibility and do the work, you’ll end up with a feeling of accomplishment as the seeds you plant and cultivate this year begin to grow.


Personal Year 5 : This year could bring many changes. It’s now the time of action. After the responsibilities of last year, you may be feeling restless and restricted, but now you should begin to feel things open up as all that hard work pays off. Don’t be afraid to take risks. This is a year for surprises and lucky breaks. However, try not to make any impulsive decisions. Get out in public and promote yourself. This is a great year for networking. You have an energy and enthusiasm that people will be drawn to. Try not to make any promises at this time as you may find them hard to keep. Visualize success and manifest what you want. This year brings with it a new energy and you may encounter an opportunity for a new job.


Personal Year 6 : This year is a good time to think of others and give back to the community. You may find yourself very aware of your obligations and responsibilities this year. Your family and home life may take up a lot of your time and thoughts. Depending on your nature, this year may feel like somewhat of a struggle as you are asked to put others ahead of yourself. It is a year of commitment. It’s a good year for settling down, having a child, building a home. Marriage may be a theme this year. It’s a great time for planting a garden, learning to cook, volunteering for a local charity. This is a time to recognize in gratitude the blessings we have received and to begin to give back to the world with generosity. This will be a year of growth and maturity and a time to embrace forgiveness.


Personal Year 7 : This is a year for self-reflection. Look back on your progress, re-evaluate and decide what is working for you and what is not. Develop your skills and talents. If you are feeling worn out, this might be a sign that some rebalancing is necessary. This may be a time to reconnect with your spirituality. It is a good time for study and meditation. Go on a retreat. Therapy may be beneficial. Use this time to reassess what you value. Be patient and accept that this is a time for moving slowly. Recognize what needs to be cleared out of your life and make a list of new goals. Be mindful of your thoughts and careful that a tendency towards self-analysis does not turn into self-criticism. This is a time for going within, as the caterpillar goes into its chrysalis stage of development before emerging as a butterfly.


Personal Year 8 : This is a year for ambition and achievement. If you have done the work, this could be a year of great fulfillment. You may feel like taking on new challenges. Have faith in your own strength and intuition. Money may be a theme this year. It’s a good time to make investments, buy property, and cash in on what is owed to you. This year may usher in a period of success for you. You may be feeling more confident and sure of yourself and your place in the world. Try to keep a positive mindset and consider any problems that may arise as opportunities. You may be putting more energy into your career and could notice growth in this area or be offered a promotion. This is a year to realize how much progress you’ve made and how much you have grown. Avoid dwelling on past mistakes and instead look to the future. The energy of this year supports your success and you can be sure that any abundance that comes to you now has been well-earned.


Personal Year 9 : This is the final year in the cycle and signifies completion. This is a time for letting go of the old, tying up loose ends, severing ties with people who do not support your journey. Clean out your closets and put your house in order. This is a year of preparation. Next year will bring with it a new energy and now is the time for you to clear the way for that new energy to come into your life. This could feel like a difficult year for you. You may struggle with endings or perceived loss, but just keep in mind that this is all a necessary process in your growth and something better is waiting for you just around the corner. It is best not to fight the energy, but instead let things go with grace. It’s also a great time to rid yourself of past habits or thoughts that have been limiting to you. You might find yourself traveling long distances. This is not the time to hold onto past grievances or pettiness. Embrace forgiveness, both of yourself and others. Prepare the way for the exciting new changes that are waiting to come into your life. 



I hope this has been able to provide some perspective and insight for all of you. The turning of the year can be an exciting time. It would be good for us all to take some time and reflect on all the past year has brought us. Light a candle, meditate on all the lessons this past year has brought into your life. Then release those things which no longer serve you and turn your attention to the future. What do you hope this new year will bring? It’s time to set your intentions now and use the energy of the new year wisely in order to manifest the life you want.


If you would like further insight into what the new year will bring to you, or help in manifesting your intentions, I am always here to support you in your journey. You can contact me by phone at 828-252-7573 for a 30 or 60 minute session, or at if you prefer an email consultation.



You may also find my book, ‘Find the Force, Be the Light’ helpful in guiding you through these times of transition and harnessing the power of prayer to manifest changes in your life. This is available in both hardcover and e-book versions on Amazon. Click here to go to Amazon now.  The e-book is also available for purchase through Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks and Kobo plus many other popular e-book outlets.


Please be sure to check out my newly updated website where my book is also listed.


I wish you all love, joy, health, and abundance in 2018. Have a happy new year!


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