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April 8, 2018

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From The Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

January 9, 2018



Greetings Fellow Travelers

The other night, I received a call from my good friend Diane Robinson. Rev Diane is the pastor of Unity of the Gardens, in Jupiter Florida and we have been good friends for thirty years. Diane had called to ask if I was noticing a difference in how my clients were. She felt that she was noticing a difference in her church.

Apparently, members didn’t have the time to volunteer as much and the fellowship, which has always made Diane’s churches wonderfully homey, seemed to be more difficult to achieve. She was savvy enough to hit on the reason herself, as she asked me if it was the difference between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. We discussed this at great length.

I had already been meditating on ideas for my next blog, and as a result of Diane’s call, the following question popped into my mind. I was wondering how many of you, especially those of you who are over 40, have noticed that same difference in your lives.

The Age of Pisces was warm and fuzzy. Neighbors knew neighbors, brought casseroles over when people had trouble in their families. In small towns, most people knew each other and what was going with everyone too. Shows like ‘Father Knows Best’ and ‘Leave it to Beaver’ showcased an idealized family life that most people were encouraged aspire to. It proved to be appealing to our emotional needs at that time. Pisces is a water sign, so we were strongly ruled by emotion.

But things have changed. The Age of Aquarius is different. Its more logical Y2K was a good example, as it happened on the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius. The Pisces people were predicting the end of everything, including our computers’ ability to cope from changing to years starting in 2000. However, the logical air sign of Aquarius just figured it out, and so nothing catastrophic happened.

We are now moving farther into the Aquarian Age. I remember sitting in Astrology class back in the sixties and listening to the teacher speculate about what the New Age would be like. The suggestion was that somehow we would be ruled by technology, so much so that future wars would be fought with machines instead of guns. That sounded like science fiction, and so it was difficult to imagine.

Medicine would become more nuclear and diseases like cancer would eventually be wiped out. X rays would be a thing of the past. Technology would go right into our bodies with cameras. That also was a little difficult to imagine.

It all sounded promising and for the betterment of mankind, but people would feel isolated in their close relationships as their main push would be to save the world. Justice for all, equality, truth, global communication, but sometimes at the expense of communicating directly with a friend. In those days, we had no idea of things like text messages.

Many things are changing. We have been calling for change and it is here, but as the new comes in, something has to go out; and it is sometimes things that we have become attached to. Life is moving faster and people have difficulty keeping up with their own families … let alone friends and neighbors.

Change! As a species most of us don’t like it. We may dream of faraway places and we may visit them, but few of us take up residency there. We like what we know … it’s comfortable. But this change is a cosmic thing, and whether or not we like it, it is definitely happening.

We can shake our fist against the heavens, but it will still keep rolling along. We won’t be grounded until two thousand years from now, when the Age of Capricorn comes in and says OK enough of this. It’s all very well for existence in cyberspace, but someone has got to learn how to organize from the bottom up.

‘Chop wood and carry water, get close to the earth’. And two thousand years later, those who have grown up through the Age of Aquarius will be mourning the good old days when you could do everything on a computer.


I told my savvy friend that in her case, and with her knowledge of her church’s needs, she could figure out what an Aquarian Church would look like. We discussed what the needs of her congregation were now, which may not necessarily be what she would like them to be. I told her that people will still be in need of the church and the fellowship of church … it will just be different.

As many of you know, I taught a lot of psychic development classes. They often went from six to eight weeks long. Some even voted to extend those weeks. The last time I agreed to do a class, I could see that the old way was not going to work. It was difficult to get a group to commit for one night, let alone six to eight weeks of the same night and time.

We are in the midst of a massive change. There are those who believe that the next war will be a cyber war, and there are many who believe that we are already fighting it. It’s devastating to destroy lives and an infrastructure of a country, but certainly perhaps even more devastating to destroy a nation’s economy overnight … without shedding any blood at all

I’m old enough to remember sitting around the radio with my family and listening to Jack Benny and Fibber McGee and Molly. When television came along, people thought it was a fluke. They fearfully assumed that it put out rays and would never last. A lot of people feel the same way about computers, yet here they are and now in our phones and even on our wrists.

The key to surviving this change into the Age of Aquarius is mental and emotional flexibility. You don’t need to throw out all of those warm fuzzy memories of the good old days of Pisces. You can keep those memories of the past and still embrace the future, study it and learn how to use the traits of what is coming in to your benefit. As you surf the cosmic waves, who knows … maybe you will graduate from boogie board to surf board and ride the curl into the future. Can you tell I’m a Florida girl?

Each of you who are reading these words, chose to be born during this once in a two thousand year event. How brave, how adventurous and, okay, maybe a little impulsive. But you knew that you would have great opportunity for spiritual advancement. The good news is that whether you remember or not, each of you came with a set of tools and awareness. Everything that you will need to succeed brilliantly, maybe even ascend. So embrace this new age, or you can find a comfortable place to sit in the rocker and say, “Well … In my day we used to …”

If you would like further insight into what the new year will bring to you, or help in manifesting your intentions, I am always here to support you in your journey. You can contact me by phone at 828-252-7573 for a 30 or 60 minute session, or at if you prefer an email consultation.


You may also find my book, ‘Find the Force, Be the Light’ helpful in guiding you through these times of transition and harnessing the power of prayer to manifest changes in your life. 

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