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April 8, 2018

April 6, 2018

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Overcoming Fear

January 22, 2018



Dear Fellow Travelers,


Some of the wisest words that have ever been spoken are these:




So many of us were either raised by parents who had been through the Great Depression, or who had experienced the traumas of the second world war; maybe both. There were hard times all over the world and it has left its mark on us. From a sense of duty and love, our parents prepared us for adversity. The result is that many of us grew up with a very clear idea of what could go wrong in nearly every situation.


The goal was to make us cautious and forearmed. What they forgot to remind us, is that we had intellect and intuition and a Loving Spiritual Presence that was there for us to call upon, so we could probably get through most things that seemed like adversity. In other words; we learned to fear without knowing that we had the power to triumph over whatever challenges life put in our path.


All you have to do is to watch a news program or listen to the stories that friends and family are going through to know that challenges are all around us. There are two ways to confront those challenges. One way is by tackling them on the outer.


During the Vietnam war days, I was in college. My friends were being drafted to fight. Some went to Canada, some went into ROTC so that they could serve as an officer, and some just went to war. Many of us went to protests and rallies where we put our energy into changing things on the outer.


Another way to confront the challenges is on the inner. Prayer is one way to do that. Sending out a strong energy from your heart saying “No ! I do not allow this in my world.” Sending prayers to heaven saying "God, I trust that you will fill the world with your energy of peace and calm the storms of adversity.” This is most effective when you truly believe that your energy can combine with the Divine and bring things into balance.


Many spiritual communities take a vow of silence. They consider their work on the inner to be so important that they do not even speak. They hold the balance for the Light, every waking moment.


Most of us will do both. Just remember that each form is important, and no one way is better than the other. It is true that all changes start with energy, but it is the outer drawing attention to the problem that fuels those who use the inner way. So be gentle with yourself if you find that life’s obligations, or health conditions, or mobility make it difficult or impossible for you to join those who protest. You can do just as much good by taking a moment as you watch the evening news, or see need in your fellow man. Pray and take that Light that you are and stand against the darkness and say ‘NOT IN MY WORLD!”.


Fear is a subtle cancer that invades our hearts. It starts by making us feel righteous about issues and spreads by inclining us to feel critical; or even hateful toward anyone who holds a different awareness. This consciousness will never bring Peace to the world. It serves only to keep us separate. If someone seems really different, it may be helpful to try to understand why. There is a Native American saying “Never judge another, until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.”


We are taught by the media who we should fear. I remember when we were taught to fear Asians because Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor. Then it was spies, they were the bad guys. McCarthy nearly closed down Hollywood with the fear of communists. Anyone who was liberal was thought to be a communist sympathizer. Drug dealers were next, until states began selling drugs to make taxes, so now it's terrorists.


The terrorists used to be all Arabs, but that began to get out of hand and people were bombing mosques, so now they are Russians ( back to communists again?) nope more creative, the Russian Mafia. All you need to do is watch police dramas and you will learn who we are supposed to fear now.


Its time for us to stop judging others by their nationality or religion or political persuasion. We all want a good life for our children and to live in peace and harmony with each other. Any beliefs or behavior that take us away from those goals should be re-thought.


With much love and light as always






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