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April 8, 2018

April 6, 2018

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Life is Demanding Without Understanding

April 7, 2018


Dear Fellow Traveler,

In many of my blogs I have made mention of the fact that we are now in the age of Aquarius. It’s important to recognise this. No, really, it is! Why? Because it makes something that you have been doing for a really long time even more important to be aware of than ever before now. What is it? It’s this.

We are all creators, we create our lives and all that happens to us. We are responsible for so much which is very often misinterpreted as being fate, Karma, bad luck or causing us to be a victim of circumstances. This is the truth, whether you accept it or not.

In this new age, we are being tasked with appreciating that we are all responsible for our actions, but more than this we have to be aware of energy. I know that this is a kind of strange subject for many of you, and one which you have trouble in relating to in any practical sense; but it really is important that you get it. Why? Because it will change your life very much for the better through understanding it. As the lyrics from a famous song so aptly states - Life is Demanding, Without Understanding. In other words, the Universe makes no allowances for the fact that you don’t understand what you’re doing. It has rules, and you are expected to be aware of them. So please pay attention.

We are all made of energy, and our most powerful use of that energy is through our thoughts, emotions and words. These are the only three things that we have control of - everything else is an illusion. So, if we consciously take charge of our thoughts and emotions, and then maintain an awareness of how we express them through our words and actions, life will respond accordingly.

Here is a brief example of how it works. Marnie has been offered the opportunity of going for a much better job. Her two-timing, live-in boyfriend tells her that she’s wasting her time and not up to the position in the company. This is because it means longer hours and he will have to look after their three children more often, and have to miss out on going to the track or propping up the local bar, among other things. He's also jealous. Marnie’s mother is worried about her daughter working late at night and all of the bad things that might happen to her through travelling home alone on the subway etc. She also will have to find another way to get to the hospital for her regular chemo treatment as Marnie won’t be available so often.

Marnie’s hypochondriac sister tells her constantly that her health will suffer through taking on the extra responsibility, and doing something that she won’t be any good at, even though the extra money will make a big difference to the family - especially after stopping her boyfriend gambling so much. So, Marnie has almost convinced herself that even applying for the job is a waste of time, because she is listening to all that’s being said by others. She loses sleep through going over and over in her mind, the down-side of making her application and what problems might arise from it. Plus the fact that if she gets rejected after her interview, then it will only end up damaging her already fragile sense of self-confidence through the disappointment. So it seems preferable not to even apply in the first place. Then everyone will be happy and life can go on just as it is - without rocking the boat. It will be the safest thing to do. Life may be unbearable, but changing things seems just too scary!

So, what do you think the outcome will be of Marnie’s attitude, and what would your advice be to her? Should she press ahead and go for the job, or keep everyone else happy while joining in with their negative, self-centered approach to life?

I can tell you for sure that if she goes to the interview in any other way than seeing the very best results for herself, then it will be the total failure that she predicts. This is purely because of the misuse of energy. Another way of saying it is, 'Attitude of Mind'. Thinking negative thoughts brings about negative or unhappy consequences. Visualisation is the key. How you think, is how you are and how you experience life!

If Marnie chooses to go to the interview while imagining herself getting the job, meeting friendly people who she gets on with, having a nice time and a good chat, or even thinking that the interview may well teach her things which she can use later on for getting another job, then things will work out much better for her. Guaranteed!!!


 The Universe responds to your use of energy. What you give out is what you get back. Thinking of yourself as being a victim, being a failure, a burden on others, unlovable, being sick and poor - plus a whole host of other things - and that’s the experience which you will create for yourself. No one can give you a sense of self-worth and no one can take it away from you - unless you let them. So why do it?

What’s the problem with taking charge of your life, however bad it may appear at any given moment, and then giving thanks for the fact that you are actually here; and in a position to enjoy so many things if you set your mind to it. Another line from the same song which I quoted earlier is - ‘No one’s going to drag you up, to get into the light, where you belong”. This is so true.

No one can live your life for you, so why on earth give them permission to govern it with their weird ideas about how they think that you ought to live it; and whether or not you’re good enough! You don’t need their permission to exist. The Divine Creative Force has already done that, and it considers you to be one of its finest creations - but somehow you don’t! Does this make any sense?? Really??

As I say in my book, you have the same quality of energy in you as that of the Divine being who created you - but you choose not to use it in the way that lifts you up. So why not change this? Instead of lamenting the fact of everything apparently going wrong, and worrying yourself sick ( quite literally ) about so many things which are outside of your control, just make up your mind to be as happy as you possibly can be - while telling the rest of the world to go pound nails.

Help others whenever you can, but make a point of moving away from those who insist on showering you with their negative energy, words and deeds. You deserve better. Get yourself out from under that dark cloud and start looking for the light on the horizon. More than that, tell yourself that you’re going to find it and that you are ready for it to come into your life. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Watch what you say and be very aware of how you act. Make an effort to speak positively, act kindly and get rid of negative ways of thinking. You may not see the changes right away, but I assure you that they will start to happen really soon. Remember however, that you can’t fool the Universe. If you don’t truly feel the way that you act and speak, it won’t work.

When you meet someone who gets on your nerves, or who insists on constantly putting you down, or complaining endlessly about just about everything and everyone, simply listen and smile. Don’t get dragged in, don’t be tempted to agree, sympathise or empathise with their statements, assertions or points of view. Just listen while telling yourself that you’re being kind, through acting as a good friend. That’s all you can do, and it’s all that’s necessary for you to do. If they want to walk around with a permanent dark cloud over their head, that’s their choice, so why should you join in? You’re never going to see the light on the horizon if you do.

Think nice thoughts about yourself and others. Don’t let anyone undermine your sense of self-worth or take away your self-confidence. You are precious, you are unique and the world would not be the same place without your existence in it. You matter!! Start believing this while also celebrating the fact each and every day. Start right now!

Understandably this may well present a challenge for you. It takes practice and mindfulness, and sometimes you may need support. If you would like help in freeing yourself from the fears and self-doubt that keep you from connecting with the wisdom of your Higher Self and creating peace in your own life, I am always here to support you in your journey.

As always, in Love and Light




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