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April 8, 2018

April 6, 2018

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April 8, 2018


Greetings Fellow Travelers,

We are certainly living through some very interesting times. You could make yourself really upset by watching the drama on the global stage, where even nationally the energy is certainly stirred up. Events constantly pull our attention into unproductive directions while they seduce us into long debates of what’s right and what’s wrong. The news and discussions around us continue to divide the world we know into an increasingly polarized Us and Them. I have had clients tell me that they have unfriended people because of their views. That is a lot of energy going out.

I try not to feel sad at the way we waste so much time and energy on things which we can do nothing about, instead of paying attention to ourselves. When I hear these kinds of comments then I can’t help but think about how much of it keeps us from going within and finding our own sense of inner peace. I wonder why it matters to so many, when they know full well that the global system is so corrupt, that they give it any thought at all. I want to ask ‘what good ever became of debate?’ The only way that we can create the peace which we seek is by becoming empowered and living the life which we advocate for everyone else. You cannot talk a candle flame into existence. It has to be lit and then shown to others so as to guide their way forward. You need to be that light – for yourself and everyone else in your life.

Needless to say, it’s a thoughtful day here in the mountains. The light in my immediate world is coming through heavy clouds where it creates the perfect setting to think about many things. I’ve been looking out of the window at the trees and the mystery of Nature all around me. While doing so, I take the opportunity to acknowledge the unshakeable sense of trust that I feel in my heart. Whenever I look at something so complex and apparently anarchic, and which the Divine Force created, I know that it looks at all of it while saying “Well done! Everything is going just as it should be!” I understand that there is a Divine order to all things; which, if only I trust in the process while staying true to myself, will work out for the best. It always does.

As I have said so many times before, we are all in the midst of the changes that have been predicted since the 1960s. Even so, I don’t think that anyone who was capable of looking so far ahead had any real idea of just how this change would be accomplished. Or even what it would look and feel like when it was happening. Certain very wise individuals offered profound insights, but our existential world found it difficult to relate to the advice … and it still does, even though those times are upon us.

They tried to tell us that we are not in control of the external world. The Divine Creative Force is. So it is all well. How could it not be? It’s similar to those terrifying rides at amusement parks that make you feel as though you are going to die, only to bring you safely back into the dock; and leaving you with the excitement of wanting to do it all over again.


We are first and foremost Spirit, in a physical experience. We dwell in two worlds; the Inner, eternal, electromagnetically governed world of our essence. But we also dwell in the Outer physical world of form, physical senses and free will. What we fail to grasp is that the electromagnetic energy is moved by us. And that is the message that many of our modern-day prophets are trying to express.

So many of you have come back here, just for this experience. Not so much to learn, although that certainly is one of the perks, you are here because you are awake. And if you can remember your Source, and as you live your life as though it was all Spiritual, or as St. Germain would say “It’s All God in Action!” then you will have an effect on all of those around you. You are the Wayshowers! If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading a metaphysical website blog.

Those of us who are awake, no longer have the luxury of sitting around and just reading spiritual things or talking about them. It is time to Live Your Spirituality. It’s not an option anymore. So, here is a fun way to do it.

Make a decision in the morning to treat everyone that you encounter throughout the day, as though he or she was your Higher Power in physical form. Because it is. It’s all God in Action. All energy comes from the Divine. It’s helpful to remember that if you decide to do this, The Force will play with you, so be forewarned. We are created from the same Divine energy, so we have a sense of humor; and so does the Force that created us.

In my book, I write about being the representation of Divine Energy in your life. When I turn on the TV or open Facebook, or even when I’m simply hearing a conversation from those around me, it’s easy to feel angry and overwhelmed. What helps me is to reaffirm that the Divine Force, which created it all, has everything in hand. I constantly remind myself that I may not be able to see or predict the plan, but I know from experience that someday I will see how this is evolving us to a new world. Here are a few other things that help:

  1. Limit your exposure to the chaos.

  2. Make a conscious effort to search out stories on the internet which tell of those who are making a positive difference in the world.

  3. Look in your own world and see where you can be the one who brings about healing.

  4. If you get drawn into a discussion that seems to be producing energy of negativity, don’t pour gasoline onto that fire.

  5. Look for ways to improve family relationships and relationships with friends and coworkers.

We will never have peace if we continue to harbor separation from our brothers and sisters. What is within, surrounds us. Your spirituality is not something reserved for one day of the week, or for those moments when you meditate or pray. You are living your spirituality every moment of every day. Be mindful of that and notice when get off course; make immediate corrections to your course. I have known so many of you for lots of years, I have faith in the magnificent clear lights that you are. Remember we are all a work in progress, if we were perfect, we wouldn’t be here. Most of all, be gentle with yourself.

In love and Light



If you would like some insight into your own relationships, or help dealing with any issues you may be struggling with, I’m always available to help support you in your journey. I offer 30 and 60 minute phone consultations, as well as email consultations. Be sure to check out my other blogs on this website, where you can also book an appointment or contact me with any questions or feedback.

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